My Ginger Drink Trial

I thought I’d try to get used to drinking ginger since reading about how it has proven anti-inflammatory & pain relief effects.

It’s a tough drink to get used to if you’re not into hot & spicy, but tonight I stuck it out.  As the evening progressed I noted that the pain & stiffness that had snuck up on my joints (the parasites are still trying to make a comeback) had diminished.

So that gave me incentive to keep drinking.  By the bottom of an eight oz mug of cold water mixed w/ Instant GINGER Honey Crystals, I was not hooked, but not hating it anymore.  Especially since its healing effects were quickly evident.


I’m going to try drinking a glass per day.  Each packet contains concentrated extract from 12 grams of raw ginger.

There are lots of other benefits such as what I copy/ pasted from the link here:

Ginger has a long history of medicinal use. It is one of the best-known medicinal herbs in China and Japan, where it has commonly been prescribed for headaches, nausea and other stomach problems, and colds.[2] Characterized as “spicy” and “hot,” ginger is claimed to “warm the body and treat cold extremities, improve weak and tardy pulses, address pale complexions, and strengthen the body after blood loss.”[3]

In India, ginger in both fresh and dry powdered forms is used in cooking and in Ayurvedic medical practice.[4] Classified by Ayurvedic practitioners as pungent with a sweet aftertaste, ginger’s virya, or potency, is “hot.” Ginger is reputed to balance the doshas (the three organizing principles providing for homeostasis in Ayurvedic medicine), address symptoms of colds and other viral infections, enhance digestion, stimulate appetite, and lessen arthritis. In some African countries, for example Nigeria, ginger has been used to treat malaria and yellow fever. In the West Indies it has been given for urinarytract infections.[5]

In Western alternative medicine practice, the primary uses of ginger include prevention of motion sickness, prevention of nausea, and treatment of rheumatologic conditions as an anti-inflammatory.[6,7] In vitro evidence suggests that ginger may have anticancer effects.[8]

I will report back on how this continues to work for me.

I’d love to hear your ginger/ RA stories, too!

To your amazing health & life!  Kariann


It’s day two of the Ginger Drink Trial & I can now say without reservation that I am hooked!  The pain relief is every bit as good as Motrin & I’m drinking lots more water because of this.  I caught myself draping my leg over the back of the couch, while the other was casually bent as if I had not an RA care in the world.  And that was definitely because of the ginger drink.

I did dilute the package more, so the taste was pleasant & even pleasing & such that I could chug it down if I cared to.  For me it worked best in 12 oz’s of filtered water.

I hope it works as well for you, too!  Do let your MD know if you are taking this, since I’ve read that ginger can interact w/ medications.

Blessings & Hugs!  Kariann


Parasites Beware The Zapper!

It’s amazing how the medical community cannot put a finger on the cause of Autoimmune Disorders such as Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Perhaps it’s because they have nothing to gain from revealing the true cause (parasites), which are easily killed without those nasty and expensive drugs that make the BIG Pharmaceuticals lots of mulah!

Physicians need not despair, however, since we need to partner with them as we get our bodies back to health with the three non-invasive & vital tools that I mention here: Correcting Geopathic Stress, Wearing one or two Zappers & Sealing the Deal with the TDP Guo Gong Mineral Lamp.

So here’s what you can expect:  although I’ve shared with you that my RA is cured — RF factor has remained negative for months & I no longer need any pain medication.  Do keep in mind that some parasites will linger or even return (especially if you have pets).

I’ve noticed that soft lumps will reappear on my foot.  Now I know they are parasites rearing their ugly head after hiding in joints until now.  I know because when I place my zapper over the lump for 15 – 30 minutes, the lump disappears.  The same thing happens when I get a tingling or achey feeling somewhere that disappears when I place the zapper there, too.

Parasites are positively charged and cannot survive the negative ion current of the zapper.  So zap away as I have 24/7 for two months now and begin to see & believe that your good HEALTH is just around the bend!

So Beware you critters, you can try but you can’t win this game of Health & Life!

Don’t Sweat The Diet Stuff!

There are some books out there about curing RA through diet, for example Barbara Allen’s Conquering Rheumatoid Arthritis & The Paddison Program to Rheumatoid Arthritis. These programs highly emphasize making drastic diet changes. The testimonials for these approaches are numerous, but if you are like me, I find it very difficult to restrict or drastically alter my diet. I was looking for a much easier way to CURE my RA & take back my amazing life.

That said, diet does play a role in RA and I will keep it simple:

Keep a log of foods that trigger RA symptoms & stay away from those trigger foods as much as possible.

Keep a log of foods that DON’T trigger RA symptoms (so you can enjoy them again!)

And that’s it! This is you taking action as you become your own Body Detective. Sometimes it will be easy to know which foods are triggers & other times not so easy, such as when you dine out at that French restaurant and can’t say no to all those rich sauces, accompanying wines & apertifs!


I will share an example of my own simple Diet Log here. Yours will be different, but not to worry, that’s what makes us so special.  You can create categories for your lists for future referencing.

ETOH triggers:

  • Beer: Stella Artois 😦 
  • Triple Cream Cheese 😦 !!!!! 3/24/13

ETOH :)!

  • Plum Wine 🙂

Restaurants :)!

  • Dinner @ Royal Palace 🙂
  • Hanami II in Branford, CT, Japanese, Sushi