The Zapper System That Goes Everywhere I Go — My Auto Zap 5 & Super Zappicator :)!



Because I do not limit my diet to gluten free & night shades only, my body sometimes  lets me know.  I think the parasites love trying to make their comeback when my diet intake is “naughty”.  So I’m glad  I discovered the Auto Zap 5 & the Super Zappicator which are both part of the Integrated Wellness system.

While the Auto Zap 5 is a superior zapper, the Super Zappicator (SZ) is an amazing and different kind of zapper .  It attacks where most zappers can’t.  Zappers attack via our blood stream, but can’t reach organs that don’t have blood vessels such as the brain, stomach & the spinal cord.  I also know that joints are a parasite’s best-friend-hiding-place.  So rather than waiting for a parasite to leave a joint for the vessels, I SZ.

I’ve gotten creative and use the SZ over my feet, knees, hands & under my head & pillow while I sleep.

The results are quick.  My feet lose any nodules that were attempting to grow, my complexion is much improved since acne disappears quickly & stiffness leaves after a session.

Whenever I feel a cold or sore throat coming on, laying my head on the SZ (with pillow) gets rid of it all.

Needless to say, my Auto Zap 5 & SZ have their own tote since I go nowhere without them!

To Your Amazing Health!  Kariann

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