Heal thyself through the Universal Energy of Reiki!

Image  OK, so I thought the zappers were true miracle workers — and they are, but I had yet to discover the healing powers of Reiki!  Well, if you are spiritually open to receiving the healing energy from the Universe/ God/ Soul/ Angel or whatever force you believe in, then you are ready to begin the self healing journey that is Reiki!

I received my Reiki level one certificate on Tuesday and here it is three days later and I have pretty much stopped the Magnesium Taurate that I used to take to the tune of 1500 mg over the course of a day.  AND I have stopped using my zappers which I was doing almost 24/7.

I had already been meditating and cleansing my Chakras, so it was a natural next step to take  the Reiki leap.  I’ve had RA since 2010 so it’s going to take a while to be truly rid of it, but I can truly say that the healing hands you are bestowed with after your first attunement really do heal.

On the way home from my Reiki class, I drove while healing my left ankle which had started to swell and feel tingling and some pain.  By the evening, all of it was gone.  I had gone without my zapper treatment, so I know it was the Reiki that did it.

Please read up on it — there are lots of sites to google out there.  But receiving your training and attunement seems to be best done in the presence of a Reiki Master.I’m so excited about this that I’ve been shouting from the rooftops to anyone who will listen.

So what have you got to lose?

As always, I encourage you to partner with your medical professional and share anything adjunctive with them.  They’ll likely be learning something new!

Blessings, Abundance and Health to you,  Kariann

My Mom’s Zapper Story

My mom who has some rheumatoid arthritis received her Zapper as a Mother’s Day gift.  She called me the day after her first full night of wearing it on her right knee.  When she woke up she couldn’t believe that her knee, which had been swollen for a year and was a source of persistent pain, was completely normal AND  was free of pain.

Next she placed the zapper on her tender shoulder and felt almost immediate relief.

I let her know that it’s usually not a good idea to sleep with the zapper against your skin, since you might not notice the tingling that warns the need to move it.  She was lucky since she received no rash.

She’s going to cut the end of a sock so she can wear it on her arm or leg during the day.  This keeps the zapper close to her skin but allows her to move it whenever she feels a zap.  At night she’ll wear it against the sole of her foot or the palm of her hand.  I used to use a sock for the hand.  I had cut the end off and a hole for the thumb.

I’m proud of mom for giving this alternative method of healing a try and finding success with it so quickly!

Blessings to you!  Kariann