Let Your Immune System Rock The Casbah!

Untitled One day my housekeeper said that he would check my bedroom for Hartmann Grids or other types of Geopathic Stress (GS) beneath the earth.  He encouraged me to google this.  And in doing this I made some wonderful discoveries that have got me to this point of celebrating being free of RA several months later.

I learned that GS is everywhere & worse, if one sleeps or works over a GS area, your immune system can become compromised.  I dowsed for GS & confirmed what my housekeeper told me, I was sleeping right over a GS area.  And to make matters worse, I had been sitting over one at my boutique for 5 years.  That did a number on me and mine was RA 😦

So if you feel that medications & treatments work, but only temporarily or not at all, it might be because you have been exposed to GS.

Take action by ridding wherever you sit or sleep of Geopathic Stress in order to protect your immune system.  There is no need to identify the location of GS, just know that it is everywhere & there is technology that can convert that debilitating energy into healing energy!

Below are some links to learning more about GS & the devices that can remedy it.



I purchased the Orgone Geoclense for the house, the Schumann Generator Buddha for the shop, the Car Harmonizer & an Orgone Energy pendant that I wear.

This is the first of three major steps in getting you close to curing your RA!

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