Back pain and EHS remedied by Shieldite!

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I recently had corrective foot surgery and was/ am laid up on the couch.  The pain was not so much with my foot, but in my back when, out of nowhere, I was experiencing the pain of giving birth again all concentrated in my right flank.  I could not get in a comfortable position, even after doubling up on both the narcotic, Oxycodone; and Ibuprofen.  Ice, topical Nyloxin, heating pad and a back brace did nothing to help.  Actually, the heating pad worsened it, if that was possible.

I thought I was going to either need a visting nurse and bedside commode or head for the ER.  I became febrile and vomited when I finally made it to the bathroom. This pain was reminiscent of the pain I felt from my abdomen to back many months earlier.  I was admitted to the hospital for a 6 day stay.

DISCOVERY!  I could no longer put off that dreaded trip to the bathroom.  I took many Lamaze-type breaths and, just when I was about to attempt the trip, I eyed one of my Shieldite pyramids.  I thought, what the heck and placed the bottom side on my back.  Miraculously, within a minute, the pain vanished, never to return.  It turns out the electricity had collected in my back that no amount of drugs would help.  It HAD to come OUT and the only way to remove it was with Shieldite.

I could have prevented a hospital stay and missed closing my store.  For more info and where to purchase Shieldite, click the link below.

Shieldite website  

What is Shieldite?

Shieldite Stone Pyramid

Shieldite is a rare rock that contains an unusual combination of silicate and crystalline carbon minerals. Shieldite is the only natural stone known to protect against EMFs. This mineral combination forms hollow minute carbon cages or balls within its structure. They look like the pattern on soccer balls. They are groups of molecules bound into hexagon and pentagon shapes and grouped together to form hollow spheres. Scientists call these minute spheres fullerenes. The spheres are incredibly strong and stable. These sphere absorb and transmute any surrounding electromagnetic fields rending them harmless.

Shieldite website . . .I’m back!!!! Antibiotic Therapy to close the deal!


I began my alternative healing journey with Antibiotic Therapy which I discovered on the site,   Dr. Thomas Brown MD. is responsible for AP therapy and for the  thousands who have been cured of their Rheumatoid Arthritis and other related autoimmune disorders such as Scleroderma and more.

Then I took a break as I mentioned in my intro about myself.  At the time, I’d achieved a good deal of healing while on Minocycline 100 mg QOD (every other day), but did not like the side effect of heightened pigmentation.  So I stopped AP and I decided to try all the tools I share in this blog.  I stand by them all as wonderful adjunctive therapies.

Recently I felt I was at status quo while feeling that the parasites were continuing to fight for a comeback.  So I decided to resume my AP (antibiotic therapy).  I expected to experience the Herximer reaction which occurs when the parasites battle back against the antibiotic by releasing toxins into the surrounding tissues.  The result is often more pain and stiffness.  But all this is good because it means the AP is working.

I also found that by taking Buffered Vitamin C, the hyperpigmentation side effect experieced by some such as myself is remedied.  So far, so good :)

If you read, you will learn the importance of using various detoxification therapies as well as NSAIDs to relieve the herximer reaction.  There is a wealth of information on the site & I encourage you to check it out.

I refuse to take NSAIDs since they wreak havoc on our liver and digestive system.  The good news is that I’ve found great relief with the product Nyloxin.  The active ingredient is Asian Cobra Venom and it comes in gel, roll on and mouth spray.  I’ll share more about this in my next blog post. In the meantime, here is the link where you can read further about this amazing chronic pain reliever that is non-addictive: I have no affiliation with this company.

For now please visit to learn about AP or Antibiotic Therapy.  There are hundreds of testimonials from folks who’ve been cured with AP.  This can be a life changer for you, it has been for me!

I always encourage you to work with your healthcare provider in your alternative journey to wellness!

To your Health!  Kariann