EMF Gloves that work!

EMF GLOVESI’ve been wearing these glove almost all the time since receiving them in the mail two weeks ago.  When I take them off, I feel arthritic stabs to my wrists and tingling and tightening in my fingers.   When I put them back on, I feel a calming sense of relief immediately.  I just ordered a second pair.   This protection is described in this site here, where I purchased them.:


“For those of you who experience (or want to prevent) ES symptoms in your hands when using a computer keyboard, laptop, cell phone or other electronic devices, these gloves form a conductive enclosure and effectively shield electric fields. Soft, light weight, with ribbed cuff, and offering good tactile sensitivity. Stretchy, so one size fits all, in basic gray color, each glove has a snap for a ground cord. Fully washable and tested for 50 cycles with no appreciable loss of conductivity. All fibers are conductive, achieving resistivity of less than 103 ohm/sq. Supplied with one 10-foot coiled ground cord with snap on one end and a banana plug/alligator clip on the other end. These gloves are also used in industry for static control when working with delicate static sensitive components. Grounding is not necessary for Faraday Cage shielding effect, but is necessary for static control. Try it both with and without ground cord and use whichever method works best for you. Also useful on touch screens like an iGlove.

Shielded Gloves (Cat. #A240)………………………….$19.95

Extra Ground Cord Only (Cat. #A241)……………….$7.00

These are far from glamorous, but they keep either EMFs &/ or radiation ( I can’t be sure what is in the vicinity) from reaching my joints.  I also use the grounding cords I purchased from Earthing.com. when I’m sitting in front of the digital TV.

I’m waiting to receive the Silverell Hoodie and pants from the same site, as well as Stretch material that has blocking capacity.  I’ll have the material made into socks.  And I’ll report back to you on how effective these products are.

Be well & beware the invisible enemy!!!!  EMFs!!!!!, Kariann

WOW!!! Nyloxin Gel & Spray — A great Analgesic & Anti-Inflammatory product!


Just want to share what has helped me more than any thing when it comes to joint & muscle flares or herxes. I heard about it on the radio. It’s called Nyloxin and is the doubled strength of Cobroxin which in 2010 was available in all drug stores & major grocery store chains in the US. It is an extremely diluted form of Asian Cobra Venom (10,000 times diluted). I order from their website www.Nyloxin.net.  I go through an 8 oz gel bottle in about a month. It’s not cheap but it’s worth it’s weight in gold!!!! The pain goes away immediately and lasts about 4 hours. I also use the spray which tastes like orange aide — every four hours, three squirts. Both the gel & spray come in 70 mcg/ ml or 140 mcg/ ml. I get by w/ the lower concentrated dose.

Anyway, I hope others find this helpful. I am NOT affiliated with this company or sales, just want to pass along what has been a tremendous help to me as I let Minocycline do its thing. The product is non-addictive, non-narcotic (600 times more potent than Morphine on the molecular level) and anti-inflammatory. It also feels good on the skin, no irritation like I experienced with Magnesium gel.

I tried the roll -on and liked it but used it up way too quickly!  Please let me know if you try it & how it works for you.

Blessings & to your Health!

Roadback.org . . .I’m back!!!! Antibiotic Therapy to close the deal!


I began my alternative healing journey with Antibiotic Therapy which I discovered on the site, http://www.Roadback.org.   Dr. Thomas Brown MD. is responsible for AP therapy and for the  thousands who have been cured of their Rheumatoid Arthritis and other related autoimmune disorders such as Scleroderma and more.

Then I took a break as I mentioned in my intro about myself.  At the time, I’d achieved a good deal of healing while on Minocycline 100 mg QOD (every other day), but did not like the side effect of heightened pigmentation.  So I stopped AP and I decided to try all the tools I share in this blog.  I stand by them all as wonderful adjunctive therapies.

Recently I felt I was at status quo while feeling that the parasites were continuing to fight for a comeback.  So I decided to resume my AP (antibiotic therapy).  I expected to experience the Herximer reaction which occurs when the parasites battle back against the antibiotic by releasing toxins into the surrounding tissues.  The result is often more pain and stiffness.  But all this is good because it means the AP is working.

I also found that by taking Buffered Vitamin C, the hyperpigmentation side effect experieced by some such as myself is remedied.  So far, so good :)

If you read Roadback.org, you will learn the importance of using various detoxification therapies as well as NSAIDs to relieve the herximer reaction.  There is a wealth of information on the site & I encourage you to check it out.

I refuse to take NSAIDs since they wreak havoc on our liver and digestive system.  The good news is that I’ve found great relief with the product Nyloxin.  The active ingredient is Asian Cobra Venom and it comes in gel, roll on and mouth spray.  I’ll share more about this in my next blog post. In the meantime, here is the link where you can read further about this amazing chronic pain reliever that is non-addictive: http://www.nyloxin.net. I have no affiliation with this company.

For now please visit http://www.Roadback.org to learn about AP or Antibiotic Therapy.  There are hundreds of testimonials from folks who’ve been cured with AP.  This can be a life changer for you, it has been for me!

I always encourage you to work with your healthcare provider in your alternative journey to wellness!

To your Health!  Kariann

Magnesium & Me — My Essential Supplement


For obvious reasons and whatever other reasons my body refuses to reveal, Magnesium plays a huge role in relieving numbness, tingling, muscle & joint aches & pain.  I apologize for keeping this from you for so long because it is a little known fact that Magnesium, which is essential to so many of our bodily functions from heart conduction to brain to Calcium absorption (and keeping it in the bones where it belongs), has been depleted from our food sources and therefore lacking in what our bodies typically require.

An excellent read is The Magnesium Miracle by Carolyn Dean.  She explains how Magnesium plays a role in our health and the issues caused from Magnesium depletion.

Magnesium is widely available in grocery, drug and whole food stores and it is inexpensive in the Citrate form.  Magnesium Citrate is readily absorbed but can cause diarrhea if too much is taken.  When that happens, just reduce your dose or frequency of intake.

Magnesium Oxide is not recommended because of its poor absorbability.

I take Magnesium Taurate since it is less likely to cause diarrhea.  Everyone is different but for me at 5 foot 3 inches and 103 pounds, my requirement is around 250 mgs every five hours or 1200 mgs daily.  That seems like a lot, but for me it works well.  I am more alert during the day, sleep much better at night and overall feel less of the RA symptoms that seem to want to creep back into my life.

As always, you should partner with your health care professional in what supplements and other adjunctive or alternative ways you are utilizing in your fight against RA & other auto immune diseases.

Please share any questions or thoughts with me!  I’m interested and want to know how you are doing out there!!!!

Blessings,  Kariann

Heal thyself through the Universal Energy of Reiki!

Image  OK, so I thought the zappers were true miracle workers — and they are, but I had yet to discover the healing powers of Reiki!  Well, if you are spiritually open to receiving the healing energy from the Universe/ God/ Soul/ Angel or whatever force you believe in, then you are ready to begin the self healing journey that is Reiki!

I received my Reiki level one certificate on Tuesday and here it is three days later and I have pretty much stopped the Magnesium Taurate that I used to take to the tune of 1500 mg over the course of a day.  AND I have stopped using my zappers which I was doing almost 24/7.

I had already been meditating and cleansing my Chakras, so it was a natural next step to take  the Reiki leap.  I’ve had RA since 2010 so it’s going to take a while to be truly rid of it, but I can truly say that the healing hands you are bestowed with after your first attunement really do heal.

On the way home from my Reiki class, I drove while healing my left ankle which had started to swell and feel tingling and some pain.  By the evening, all of it was gone.  I had gone without my zapper treatment, so I know it was the Reiki that did it.

Please read up on it — there are lots of sites to google out there.  But receiving your training and attunement seems to be best done in the presence of a Reiki Master.I’m so excited about this that I’ve been shouting from the rooftops to anyone who will listen.

So what have you got to lose?

As always, I encourage you to partner with your medical professional and share anything adjunctive with them.  They’ll likely be learning something new!

Blessings, Abundance and Health to you,  Kariann

Parasites Beware The Zapper!

It’s amazing how the medical community cannot put a finger on the cause of Autoimmune Disorders such as Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Perhaps it’s because they have nothing to gain from revealing the true cause (parasites), which are easily killed without those nasty and expensive drugs that make the BIG Pharmaceuticals lots of mulah!

Physicians need not despair, however, since we need to partner with them as we get our bodies back to health with the two non-invasive & vital tools that I mention here: Correcting Geopathic Stress, Wearing one or two Zappers .  (See April post for what I use & where to find zappers!)

So here’s what you can expect:  although I’ve shared with you that my RA is cured — RF factor has remained negative for months & I no longer need any pain medication.  Do keep in mind that some parasites will linger or even return (especially if you have pets).

I’ve noticed that soft lumps will reappear on my foot.  Now I know they are parasites rearing their ugly head after hiding in joints until now.  I know because when I place my zapper over the lump for 15 – 30 minutes, the lump disappears.  The same thing happens when I get a tingling or achey feeling somewhere that disappears when I place the zapper there, too.

Parasites are positively charged and cannot survive the negative ion current of the zapper.  So zap away as I have 24/7 for two months now and begin to see & believe that your good HEALTH is just around the bend!

So Beware you critters, you can try but you can’t win this game of Health & Life!

Don’t Sweat The Diet Stuff!

There are some books out there about curing RA through diet, for example Barbara Allen’s Conquering Rheumatoid Arthritis & The Paddison Program to Rheumatoid Arthritis. These programs highly emphasize making drastic diet changes. The testimonials for these approaches are numerous, but if you are like me, I find it very difficult to restrict or drastically alter my diet. I was looking for a much easier way to CURE my RA & take back my amazing life.

That said, diet does play a role in RA and I will keep it simple:

Keep a log of foods that trigger RA symptoms & stay away from those trigger foods as much as possible.

Keep a log of foods that DON’T trigger RA symptoms (so you can enjoy them again!)

And that’s it! This is you taking action as you become your own Body Detective. Sometimes it will be easy to know which foods are triggers & other times not so easy, such as when you dine out at that French restaurant and can’t say no to all those rich sauces, accompanying wines & apertifs!


I will share an example of my own simple Diet Log here. Yours will be different, but not to worry, that’s what makes us so special.  You can create categories for your lists for future referencing.

ETOH triggers:

  • Beer: Stella Artois 😦 
  • Triple Cream Cheese 😦 !!!!! 3/24/13

ETOH :)!

  • Plum Wine 🙂

Restaurants :)!

  • Dinner @ Royal Palace 🙂
  • Hanami II in Branford, CT, Japanese, Sushi