Zap Those Bugs

 AutoZap 5 Integrated Wellness System

AutoZap 5 Integrated Wellness SystemIncludes the 5-minute AutoZap 5 zapper with SuperStraps and the deluxe 8-magnet FC8 SuperZappicator. Five year full warranty. A lifetime wellness system for you, your family & your pets.  The system can be purchased at either links below:

This system is my ultimate weapon & has replaced the basic zappers (which I still highly recommend to those on a budget!)

After reading about & taking action to correct Geopathic Stress, I came upon a link about Zapping Parasites which Dr. Hulda Clark states is responsible for RA & most other autoimmune disorders — & cancer, too..  And after much research I decided that there was nothing to lose and everything to gain by wearing a Basic Zapper 24/7.

I wore two for several weeks and saw an immediate improvement (same night) in range of motion (ROM)in my arms.  And by the next day, the many bumps, both soft & hard, had begun to disappear.   Since then I’ve seen a 95% improvement — WOW!

basic zapper  The Basic Zapper averages $34 per unit.  While this is the cost effective way to go, I recently researched & have had tremendous results with the AutoZap 5 Integrated Wellness System.  I highly recommend this wellness package vs just the AutoZap 5 alone.  I’ve been using the system in place of the basic zappers & feel that it is more than worth the typical cost of around $420.  Here’s a link comparing the many zappers offered on the internet:

Two links for purchasing a basic or terminator zapper.

My testimonial before trying the AutoZap 5 Wellness system

Basic Zapper Testimonial:

    • Posted by Kariann, CT USA on 02/10/2013

      I’ve had rheumatoid arthritis for 3 years & tried it all. It’s been three weeks since I started wearing 2 basic zappers 24/7. I stopped all other prescribed meds at the same time. My swelling, nodules & stiffness are reduced by 85%. My appetite is improved & I’ve had the best sleep since. I have & will continue to purchase this for family & recommend it to friends! Other pluses: no flu or cold during this major flu season, quick wound & bruise healing, complexion clearing, increasing strength, increased range of motion & ability to use elliptical daily. Many thanks to Andy also for answering all my questions in such a timely manner. Thanks for giving me back my life!!!

Autozap5 Testimonials: 

Added benefits of Zapping:

  • Clear complexion after decades of hiding blemishes & scars behind makeup!
  • No colds of flu, even without flu shots or when others are sick all around me; or even after a cross country flight!
  • RA bumps dissapear in a jiff when coins are applied directly to them!

Hulda Clark remains the go-to expert on “Curing All Diseases” and explains how parasites & heavy metal toxins are more often to blame for many ailments such as rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases.

An Alkaline Body = A Healthy Body! (stay tuned)

Basic Zapper upkeep:

  • change the 9 volt batteries every 4 – 5 days for optimum usage.
  • clean the copper pennies using tooth whitening paste & a wash cloth.  This easily removes any oxidation & prevents damaging the copper coating
  • NEVER use an abrasive to clean.  I made the mistake of using the heavy duty Scotchbrite pad which quickly removed the copper coating.  A zinc base remained which is much, much more difficult to clean!
  • In case you do remove the copper overlay, the zinc is purported to be just as good a conductor as the copper and harmless.
  • Read the instructions on where it is best to wear the zapper when in use overnite as opposed to while awake.

AutoZap5 Wellness system:

  • includes AA batteries that last 1000 hours
  • Arthur Doerksen’s Cancer Free story:
  • Straps must be wet in order to conduct
  • NEVER use salt in soaking the straps, there is enough on your skin so no need.  Tap water works great.
  • It was a relief to not have to replace batteries and there is nothing to clean.
  • A very elegant an sturdy design
  • Extremely easy to use!
  • My preferred system now!!!!

Please know that I have NO affiliation with the sites I’ve shared & am only hoping to share what I have learned on my path to Wellness!  Always partner with your medical professional as you determine your Alternative Medicine approach!  You will surely be teaching them lots a long the way.  My rheumatologist marvels at my normal labs now & never a need for a single pill!!!!

I wish for you the same amazing health & life.  Blessings,  Kariann

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