Earth Calm Home Protection System is Giving Me My Life & My Health Back!!! It is Saving My Life!!!!!

SSPX0064I recently joined a Facebook Page for Electrosensitives like me.  Unfortunately, we are not alone :(!  This ever increasingly wifi, smart meter & cell tower-connected world where radiation reigns is contributing to the rising number in autoimmune disorders, cancer, autism.  My main issue is Rheumatoid Arthritis.  The topics revolve around the different attempts this group has tried, if not to conquer, then to at least survive by using anything from supplements to Far Infrared Saunas and everything in between.

Here is where I learned of something that has become absolutely essential to my survival.  It has turned my body around in a matter of 18 days.  It is called the EarthCalm Infinity Home Protection System (ECHP). Below is a list of what has changed on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 = worst, 10 = best.  First number is before ECHP.  Second number is after ECHP installed x 18 days.

  • Getting down to floor & up again 0, 10
  • Stairs 7, 10
  • Getting up from couch 6, 10
  • Walk a mile at fast pace 0, 9
  • Pushing up from my elbows/ arms 2, 8
  • Ringing in ears/ Tinnitus 2, 6
  • Pilates 2, 8
  • Voice/ Hoarseness, Cough/ Congestion 2, 7
  • Pulse 78 at times thready, 68 strong & steady
  • Mental State (agitation vs calm) 3, 10
  • Pulling up clothes to dress 3, 8
  • Overall energy level 4, 9
  • Wrist pain 3, 10
  • Hand pain (joints) 2, 9
  • Body tension (from joint and muscle pain) 2, 9
  • Sleeping  7, 10

Those numbers are astonishing but true.  I’m getting stronger every day and, aside from some minor finger joint damage, I’ll be back to doing most activities such as Pilates and tennis.  I’m able to do deep knee lunges again, which I could not do before the ECHS.

I will always need to avoid direct contact with metals as much as possible and ground while I’m on my laptop, since I am so sensitive; but the Wifi, smart meter radiation  and electricity such as from appliances is no longer an issue for me.  I am so grateful to have EarthCalm in my life.

I used to dread walking into my home or boutique because of the smart meters and wifi from the neighbors.  I was constantly addressing joint and muscle pain, fatigue, shortness of breath.  Now I LOVE coming home and being in my shop.  Those are my places of refuge because of the ECHS!

Here is a link if you are interested in learning more & for purchasing:

Their 90 day money back guarantee is reassuring and the customer service is very good.  I’ve placed five calls to them and they were patient in answering all my questions.  I have to say that the money was well worth it — I would have paid 10 times the amount just to have my health back.

Thank you Earth Calm!!!!!

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