The Zapper System That Goes Everywhere I Go — My Auto Zap 5 & Super Zappicator :)!



Because I do not limit my diet to gluten free & night shades only, my body sometimes  lets me know.  I think the parasites love trying to make their comeback when my diet intake is “naughty”.  So I’m glad  I discovered the Auto Zap 5 & the Super Zappicator which are both part of the Integrated Wellness system.

While the Auto Zap 5 is a superior zapper, the Super Zappicator (SZ) is an amazing and different kind of zapper .  It attacks where most zappers can’t.  Zappers attack via our blood stream, but can’t reach organs that don’t have blood vessels such as the brain, stomach & the spinal cord.  I also know that joints are a parasite’s best-friend-hiding-place.  So rather than waiting for a parasite to leave a joint for the vessels, I SZ.

I’ve gotten creative and use the SZ over my feet, knees, hands & under my head & pillow while I sleep.

The results are quick.  My feet lose any nodules that were attempting to grow, my complexion is much improved since acne disappears quickly & stiffness leaves after a session.

Whenever I feel a cold or sore throat coming on, laying my head on the SZ (with pillow) gets rid of it all.

Needless to say, my Auto Zap 5 & SZ have their own tote since I go nowhere without them!

To Your Amazing Health!  Kariann

My Unintentional Fast! And a Remarkeable Discovery :)

I’ve missed all of you!  Due to a sports injury I was admitted to the hospital for six nights :(!  What an ordeal.  Long story short, I underwent every test & poke & jab imaginable to rule out what was causing the groin & back pain that IV Morphine did not touch Oy!.  My arms feel like pin pricks from all the blood work drawn!  Image

Well, in the end it was determined via an MRI (why they waited to perform that test last is beyond me) that I was a fine & healthy specimen inside & out & had put my not too young spine into contortions that caused some muscle strain & pinched nerves. 

In the meantime I lay in an IV Morphine stupor for six days, wretching my guts out & wasting away.   From now on if I’m asked what I’m allergic to I’m gonna say Morphine & any & all narcotics!

So here’s where the discovery comes and is something I’d read about in excerpts from Clint Paddison‘s book, The Paddison Cure To Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I’ve not read the book, but can relate to his theory that food can contribute to an Autoimmune Disorder such as RA.

I will remind you that my RA was 98% cured when I was admitted, but knew that the parasites & food triggers still existed in my body. What I did not expect to find after the involuntary fast was that my joints felt like they were new again, not because of the Morphine but because there was NO nutrition other than my IV normal saline dripping into my veins.  For some reason, the initial attending would not allow me to have any food or even ice chips although surgery was ruled out.  I lay there like on a Sahara desert dune feeling deprived of sustenance but as if I’d been given brand new joints from head to toe.

So my plan of action continues as mentioned in my previous diet blog:  continue with my Food Trigger & Good Food Diary.  And eat, eat, eat the good stuff to put that lost weight back on!