How the Quantum Cell and Nova Bracelet Keep Me Safe from Cell Tower & Wifi Radiation!

DSC01559.JPGNow that my home and store are my såfe havens because of the Earthcalm Home Protection System ECPS), I needed to feel the same protection when leaving my home and store, from  Cell Mast Towers & other Electromagnetic Field Radiation that are ever-present todåy.  The answer came in two Earthcalm products that I have with and on me always.  They are the EC Nova Bracelet and the Quantum Cell placed on my Android Cell phone.

In three weeks, I am feeling full protection as I pass every Cell Tower that populates I 95 & Route 1.  I used to feel immediate inflammation of all my small joints and pain in my thigh and arm muscles.  Fatique, shortness of breath and body aches and itching  became more intense as I got nearer to a tower.  And now Cell Tower Masts are everywhere and it is hard to get relief via distance.

I now drive feeling relaxed and am no longer thinking about the pain or joint issues.  When I see a tower I no longer feel dread, just fear for others that may not know that their autoimmune issues, and a growing number of illnesses such as autism, cancers and arthritis in younger populations are being caused by non-ionising radiation from wifi, cell towers and smart meters that populate our cities and neighborhoods.

Please visit the Earthcalm Site to learn more about the Nova Bracelet, Quantum CellQuantumCell and other products that, when used together offer added layers of protection from this modern, invisible public health crisis in the making.

Here is some great info from the Earthcalm website:

Manmade Electromagnetic radiation pulls you out of the Earth’s electromagnetic field, the natural home for your body. It disrupts the functioning of your cells and DNA. This can cause a number of different health problems, such as chronic headaches, a weakened immune system, and sleep & digestive disorders.

My Electrohypersensitivity and Rheumatoid Arthritis are Calm with Earthcalm . . . After Initial Detox!

SSPX0063Now that the Earthcalm Home Protection System has freed me from my Electrosensitivity & Rheumatoid Arthritis in my home and boutique, I can reflect on the bit of detoxification my body went through as I graduated from one plug or flash drive (present version) to all four.

The saying “no pain, no gain” could apply to using Earthcalm products.  I kept reading that it’s best to start with the Earth Calm Home Protection System (ECHP) and then add the other EC products, such as the Nova pendant or bracelet, and the Quantum Cell.  Now I realize why.  The main benefit, other than grounding you to the Earth’s Schumann Resonance which aids to dissipate Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) from your body, is that your immune system will begin to repair and rebuild.  Once that’s done, then you can start to add layers of protection such as the Nova bracelet & Quantum Cell.  These will aid and protect when away from your Earth Calm Home Protection system.

The ECHP offers a gradual way to progress to full strength protection, giving you and others in the home a chance to adjust.   Those with no health issues and a strong immune system may not feel anything, while others, like myself with autoimmune disorders, will likely go into detoxification as the body is given a chance to finally heal.

This is how I progressed:  (Presently, there are four flash drives that are installed into one converter plug.)  The first will likely be the most impactful.  EC instructions advise that the drive should be removed if discomfort is felt as you may have gone into a round of detoxification.  You can then wait an hour to a day.)   On the second day, after plugging in the third flash drive (OK I was a little ambitious), I felt immediate pain in my left hand and wrist.  Some experience detox similar to flu-like symptoms or headaches, mine always goes right to my hands and fingers.  I was not able to keep the third drive in completely until the 7th day.  And I finally had the fourth drive in on day 13.  Everyone will be different.  You may go faster or slower.

I knew I had to be patient because it took me years to get from bad to worse.  After 18 days, I can say with confidence that I am regaining my previous strength and agility.  So patience is the key and so worth the effort.  I can jump for joy now!!!

Jennifer, on our Electrosensitive Facebook page asked how much the Earthcalm Home Protection System covers.  It covers the entire space of a home regardless of square footage, even a three story home that shares the same electrical grid.  It also extends out to a five feet radius beyond the home.

Please share any questions you may have and remember that although my experiences may help you, too, please do partner with your medical professional as you find your way to wellness :).ECHP